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Standardised Homoeopathy

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This group is for professional Homoeopaths who want our system to be scientific. We cannot prove the action of our medicine until science develops in such a manner to identify particles in our medicine. But the way of a prescription can be standardized. Here in this class, we will be focusing on a definite method of case taking and definite method of prescription without interfering with the freedom of the practitioner. A standardised system of Homoeopathy enables homoeopath to interact with modern medicine professionals and convey our idea to other system professionals in an easy manner. This is a preliminary course on standardised homoeopathy and those who complete this course will have access to our other courses like Principles & Practice of Homoeopathy in the current world, where we will cover system by system, constitutional prescribing, miasmatic explanation and diagnosis. What we offer? After completion, of course, you will have a clear cut idea of what to do in a case before. You can cross-check the results of other doctors who followed the same method. easy to understand and apply, no confusing theories any more. Why Standardised Homoeopathy? In this topic, we will cover the importance of standardisation in Homoeopathy. Here we will be discussing the topic inside current medicine. So concepts won't be confusing any more.

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